Wild Harvest, Wholesale & Retail of the Kakadu Plum


Wild Harvest NT specialises in wholesale supply and processing of the Kakadu Plum - the worlds richest natural source of Vitamin C. For thousands of years, it has been reported that the indigenous people of Northern Australia have used the Kakadu Plum (Gurumal) as a medicinal, nutritious and tasty food source. Today the vitamin rich properties of the Kakadu Wild Plum are desirable for a range of health and beauty products, while keeping its reputation as a delicious gourmet bush food. Wild Harvest NT promotes the vision of sustainable practises to gives indigenous people long term economic opportunity.




A Healthy Alternative

The worlds richest source of vitamin C is ideal for a range of health, beauty and gourmet applications.




Wholesale Production

Kakadu Plums harvested wild and available world wide whole or processed.




Economic Opportunities

Indigenous Economic Development and your opportunity to share in a fast growing industry.

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