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We currently wholesale our stocks of the Kakadu Plums in the following forms:

Retractive dried powder concentrate
100% pure Kakadu Plum powder refined to your micron specification (up to 30 microns). Our state-of-the-art processing methods retains the total fibre content of the fruit, and re hydrates completely.

Water Soluble Powder
100% water soluble powder extract suitable for the cosmetic industry.

Whole & Pureed
product is seasonally available with a shelf life of up to 3 years (frozen).(wholesale only)

Please contact us to find out more about buying concentrate, water soluble powder in wholesale.


This amazing fruit has

  • The highest level of natural Vitamin C known.
  • Complex Anti bacterial qualities.
  • Identified anti inflammatory and anti cancer properties.
  • One of the highest known antioxidant levels identified in any fruit. (ORAC)



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