Aboriginal Economic Development and the Kakadu Plum

Because the demand for the Kakadu Plum is rapidly growing, Indigenous communities are realising the exceptional opportunities and benefits from wild harvesting this abundant resource. Kakadu Wild Harvest aims to develop these opportunities so that indigenous communities can benefit from reaching their commercial potential.

The Kakadu Plum provides one of the most exciting opportunities to introduce horticulture as a sustainable industry for remote indigenous communities across Northern Australia:

  • Historically horticulture has not achieved great success in communities due to its focus being on introduced plants and traditional horticulture methods. Kakadu Plum Wild stocks are already abundant in many remote North Australian areas, which means commercial production can be achieved in several phases without the high risk overheads associated with previous models:
    1. Begin with Wild Harvest of existing wild stocks
    2. Enrichment planting of wild stocks in wild areas
  • The plant lends iteself to organic cultivation
  • Our cultivation techniques have been thoroughly researched and developed already with successful results.

Training, infrastructure and Management

Wild Harvest has been providing farming, land management and horticultural based training and development for over 20 years throughout the Northern Territory and Queensland. With an emphasis on sustainable and organic best practices, our training has involved:

  • Commercial Horticultural Development
  • Wild Plant Cultivation
  • A range of Government funded indigenous training projects
  • Developing curriculum and action based learning modules
  • Business management
  • Business start-up
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