About the Kakadu Plum

The Kakadu Plum, also called the Gubinge, Billygoat Plum or Murunga; grows natively across the Top End of Northern Australia. It has been reported the fruit has been a traditional source of bush tucker, antiseptic and a healing remedy for the Indigenous people across Arnhem Land for thousands of years. Today the trees are still in great abundance and come to fruit usually at the start of the dry season in May each year.

The Worlds Richest Source of Vitamin C

The Kakadu Plum has been identified world wide as the single natural food source with one of the highest vitamin C content on the planet. Certain batches might contain over 50 times the concentration found in oranges, As the vitamin C levels are naturally occuring - the amount varies with each production.

A Super Food

Kakadu Plum run has high levels of vitamin C, anti-oxidants and bioactives, none of which are lost through our state-of-the-art processing methods.


The Kakadu Plum contains phytochemicals such as gallic and ellagic acids.

Commercial Applications

Major health and cosmetic companies world wide have identified the Kakadu Plum as a substantially beneficial ingredient products that include:

  • Skin & Hair Care Products
  • Vitamin Suppliments and Superfoods as beverages, capsules or powders.
  • Pharmacological products, Bio Chemical products and more.
  • Used in gourmet bush foods such as chutneys, jams and pickles.

Our state-of-the-art processing methods means the Kakadu Plum provides 100% extract, free of preservative and organically certified.

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