Kakadu Plum Wild Harvest

Wild Harvesting the Kakadu Plum


The Kakadu Plum grows wild in abundance throughout the Top End and we hand pick the best produce for wholesale distribution. Our harvest period begins in March and we are able to supply up to 10,000kg of whole, fresh- frozen Kakadu Plums from eco-sustainable, licensed selected wild harvest sites. The entire harvesting, warehousing and distribution process is managed by stringent guidelines to ensure our product is certified organic.

Processing Standards

We cater for the volume buyer and go to great lengths to ensure that we always deliver a quality product. We follow the HACCP and Fresh Care Quality Assurance Methods for food safety and environment care, as well as follow the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration Act.

certified organichaccp accredited certified organic

Our state-of-the-art processing methods means the Kakadu Plum provides 100% soluble extract, free of preservative and organically certified.


Product Availability

State of the art  powder (concentrate or soluble) - 100% pure Kakadu Plum powder refined to your micron specification (up to 30 microns). Our state-of-the-art processing methods retain the total fibre content of the fruit, and rehydrates completely. A true superfood. Soluble powder extract is suitable for incorporating into cosmetic products.

Whole & Pureed - product is seasonally available with a shelf life of up to 3 years (frozen).

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